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Signature Programme

The Signature Programme was an umbrella of four regional road safety projects designed to showcase innovation, led by ACC and the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Dovetail and Kinnect Group engaged programme leadership to develop a rubric and framework for a three-year evaluation of the programme, and worked with regional leaders to share outcomes and learning from the projects.

Throughout the evaluation, Dovetail and Kinnect applied developmental evaluation approaches to engage regularly with project leadership, including annual project forums to share learning from the initiatives themselves, and the wider innovation literature. We drew on independent research commissioned for some of the projects, and undertook our own investigations, including interviews, surveys and road safety data analysis.

An important feature of the evaluation was not only exploring outcomes and learning from the projects themselves, but also understanding how the projects were helping shift business as usual activity in road safety. Using socio-technical systems theory, we were able to uncover the factors that supported or hindered successful innovation transfer.

We’re very grateful for ACC and NZTA for funding and supporting the evaluation of the Signature Programme, and to the project leadership and teams who contributed across all aspects of the evaluation. Four reports on the Signature Programme evaluation are available below or via the NZTA Innovating Streets website.