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Rangiātea – Raising Student Achievement

Case studies and exemplars to support raising Māori student achievement

This major research project draws together a rich array of examples from five high performing mainstream secondary schools. These case exemplars illustrate practical ways to raise Māori student achievement to build effective relationships with whānau, families and communities and establish sound positive leadership in secondary schools in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The case studies look at the strategies used by school leadership teams and report on the key factors that are contributing towards lifting Māori student achievement in their schools. The exemplars step through how a particular programme has been used successfully in each school.

The cases and exemplars were framed and developed on the basis of source evidence of effective leadership practice – as presented in Robinson, Hohepa and Lloyd’s (2009) report, School leadership and student outcomes: identifying what works and why, one of the Best Evidence Syntheses commissioned by the Ministry of Education.

This research demonstrates our ability to:

  • work effectively with Māori communities
  • tell a clear coherent story of the ways leadership in high performing schools can make a positive difference to Māori students, that supports professional development of school leadership and teachers.

Judy Oakden, Nan Wehipeihana, Kellie Spee and Kataraina Pipi undertook this project. Download Rangiātea case studies and exemplars here

Leadership Practices Supporting Pasifika Student Success 
Following on from Rangiātea, we were invited to completed three further case studies and exemplars from three secondary schools with high numbers of Pacific students. These schools are McAuley High School, De La Salle College and Otahuhu College. 

The cases and exemplars show effective school leadership in mainstream secondary schools to support Pacific student achievement and success. Judy Oakden, Kellie Spee, Dr Ruth Toumu’a, Pale Sauni and Clark Tuagalu undertook this project.

The links to each of the case studies and exemplars from the Ministry of Education Te Kete Ipurangi

(TKI) portal are here:

McCauley High School Case Study (PDF, 1 MB)
McCauley High School Exemplar (PDF, 289 kB)
De La Salle College Case Study (PDF, 1 MB)
De La Salle College Case Exemplar (PDF, 420 kB)
Otahuhu College Case Study (PDF, 1 MB)
Otahuhu College Exemplar (PDF, 581 kB)