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UK Evaluation Society Innovation in Methodologies Prize

Julian King, with UK-based colleagues Esther Namukasa and Alex Hurrell, received the UK Evaluation Society Innovation in Methodologies Prize for their presentation at the 2022 UK Evaluation Conference.  The presentation, Theory-based evaluation: incorporating value creation in a theory of change, described how Oxford Policy Management has applied this innovation in value for money frameworks for development programmes.

The idea of a theory of value creation started around the Kinnect Group table as we were looking for ways to more clearly articulate how programs work to transform resources into significant social value. Drawing on lessons from this work, Julian published a paper in Evaluation and Program Planning (King, 2021). The innovation was picked up and adapted with Julian’s OPM colleagues in programmes like MUVA, a Mozambican NGO recently established at the conclusion of a female economic empowerment program funded by UK Aid, and African Risk Capacity, a specialised agency of the African Union established to help African governments respond to extreme weather events and natural disasters. In these projects, OPM found that defining the value propositions of these investments added clarity to value for money frameworks, aiding in rubric development and communicating findings.

We love it when good ideas travel. Congratulations Julian and OPM!