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American Evaluation Association’s Outstanding Evaluation Award 2019

Kinnect Group members Kate McKegg and Judy Oakden, with our evaluation colleagues Debbie Goodwin and Jacqui Henry, received the prestigious American Evaluation Association’s Outstanding Evaluation Award in 2019. The award is for the Developmental Evaluation of the Waikato Regional Council’s Collaborative Stakeholder Group process.

This award is significant for the field of evaluation. It recognises a developmental evaluation, using evaluation specific methodology, as a form of outstanding evaluation. This award celebrates our trailblazing three-year journey with our clients, as well as the power of working collaboratively with many diverse stakeholders. Our approach supported work to address one of the most pressing issues of our time, finding ways of managing water quality and use for diverse populations. 

Ruth Buckingham, Manager Social and Economic Science, Science and Strategy for the Waikato Regional Council says:

Winning the award is an affirmation that our investment in the evaluation process for the collaborative stakeholder process was absolutely the right thing to do. We are extremely proud to be associated with Kate McKegg as lead evaluator and evaluators Judy Oakden and Debbie Goodwin from the Kinnect group, as we relied on their guidance and expertise, together with our Senior Social Scientist, Jacqui Henry who maintained oversight of the programme through many difficult twists and turns. The evaluation award demonstrates to the organisation alongside River Iwi (tribes), and all stakeholders involved in the policy process, the value to be gained from evaluation as a key component of any project. We are thrilled that we can represent the academic and research expertise that is available in Aotearoa/New Zealand  and we can stand proudly on the world stage and be acknowledged in this way.
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