Nan Wehipeihana

Skilled in evaluation and research, Nan has more than 15 years experience in designing, leading and managing evaluation and research projects. She has a wealth of public and private sector experience in broadcasting, education, employment, health, housing, justice, social development, social policy, sport and recreation, the arts and culture and heritage. Nan is widely recognised for her adeptness in managing complex relationships in research, evaluation and policy settings.

Nan is passionate about protecting, evidencing and growing the space to be M?ori in Aotearoa New Zealand. Nan facilitates dialogue and engagement that builds understanding of M?ori. For clients, Nan offers access and insight into M?ori views and values for use in government, business and community contexts.

Nan has a strong track record in policy and programme evaluation, using mixed methods in evaluation, organisational capacity and capability development and extensive evaluation training experience. The development of culturally based evaluation outcome frameworks is a particular area of expertise.

Nan’s tribal affiliations are to Ng?ti Tukorehe, Ng?ti Porou and Te Wh?nau-?-Apanui.

Examples of Nan's work and writing